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About Swiss Young Internists

Our newly created group is a meeting point for young internists in Switzerland, with a focus on internists in hospitals. No matter whether it is one of the disciplines or subdisciplines of Internal Medicine or General Internal Medicine that you represent - we join here to create a strong network of doctors who share the passion for internal medicine.

Our mission is to create a network of internists (generalists and specialists) across Switzerland, facilitate research projects, promote high quality training in Internal Medicine and encourage our representation at national and international level.

In a wider perspective, we aim to enforce the identity, confidence and prestige of internal medicine as medical specialty, particularly among young colleagues.

Our aim is to create a strong network of doctors - young internists and (sub)specialists with their main training in internal medicine, as well as last year students, interested in internal medicine. SYI group shall give young internists a space for networking, getting information about national and international internal medicine projects, events, job opportunities, and career options. Also, SYI shall act as a platform to exchange ideas and enable young internists to interact with their colleagues in and outside of Switzerland.

Our demanding schedules challenge us to participate in many local meetings or attend events and congresses. Therefore, we wish to enable and to facilitate the exchange between internists by providing a platform to ask questions and find answers from peers and seniors.

We all have one thing in common: incredible - sometimes seemingly endless - enthusiasm and will to enforce Internal Medicine in Europe.  In addition, the group is not only a working group but also beautiful friends, which is enormously precious and invaluable.




We encourage networking and provide opportunities in career development and mobility. Together with EFIM YI, we organize events and educational and scientific activities for the community of Young Internists in Europe. Networking enables communication, exchange ideas, create collaborations and share experiences.


Promoting Internal Medicine

Our specialty has been evolving for decades and is still one of the main pillars of medical care. However, we face an increasing sub-specialization due to a rapid progress of medical knowledge and novel therapies. There is a demand for inpatient internists and the generalists will play an even bigger role in hospitals in the future, because of growing multimorbidity and polypharmacy. Therefore, internal medicine should be promoted and young doctors should have the chance to develop themselves as internists in a hospital.



Young Internists are encouraged to feedback on our training, research opportunities, abroad stays and other issues. Being a part of Swiss Young Internists enables young internists to engage in administrative processes within EFIM and at national level.



Continuing medical education is crucial for young internists. Especially for internists working in hospitals further educational opportunities are of great significance. Our Mission is also to establish an organized Mentorship program to help young internists finding their way.


Young Internists Day

The yearly Swiss Young Internists’ Day held as part of each SGAIM congress provides a scientific program tailored especially for young internists, including lectures, workshops, quizzes and discussions. The event also shall be an opportunity to get to know colleagues on national level, to network, connect and exchange.


Research projects and seminars

Research in Internal Medicine is of an uppermost importance and young internists should have the chance to conduct scientific work in our specialty. We aim to promote clinical research endeavors and facilitate engagement in national and international research projects. Also, the Clinical Research Seminar held yearly in Paris is an excellent opportunity to develop and shape clinical research skills for young internists.



Nowadays, working abroad is getting more and more important.  Not only to gain experience, but also to broaden one’s mind. Working in a hospital abroad means to face new challenges, gain experiences and broaden one’s mind. Furthermore, you can improve a foreign language, learn about other cultures and make friendships paneuropean. For this reasons, Swiss young internists will motivate young doctors to go abroad and offer exchange programs. 


EFIM Schools of Internal Medicine

EFIM Summer and Winter Schools provide a paneuropean connection between young internists. In Workshop young doctor’s discuss about their experiences in their country. It’s a great opportunity to exchange one’s aims, problems, challenges and ideas. Lastly it’s a week to make friends and get inspirations. 


Organisation scheme


Current Residency: Registrar in Internal Medicine 

Location: University Hospital Basel, Switzerland


About Me: 

Evelyne is a final year trainee in Internal Medicine in Switzerland. She graduated from medical school in Germany and moved to China and the USA for internships, followed by residency training in Switzerland. She has been foreign lecturer at the University of Tongji, Shanghai, since 2011. She appreciates and values the experience of working in different countries and healthcare environments. She is a member of the EFIM YI Subcommittee (Treasurer) and is the founder and representative of Swiss Young Internists. She is participating in different activities, trying to promote high quality clinical and scientific research cooperation among young specialists.


Contact: ???


Current Residency: Registrar in Internal Medicine 

Location: Cantonal Hospital Nidwalden, Stans, Switzerland


About Me: 

Pascale is a registrar in Internal Medicine in Switzerland. She studied medicine at the University of Zurich and graduated in 2014. During her studies she did internships at different hospitals in Switzerland as well as an internship at the Kings College Hospital in London. She participated at the EFIM Summer School 2016 in Sardinia and got representative of Swiss Young Internists.


Current Residency: Registrar in Internal Medicine 

Location: Klinikum Elmshorn


About Me : 

At present, I am in the 4th year resident of internal medicine. I completed my first professional years in Switzerland. I am engaged in activities of DEGUM and focusing on sonographic diagnostics.


Current Residency: Oberarzt (attending) Internal Medicine 

Location: Spitalzentrum Biel


About me :



1. Clinical Research Seminar


The Clinical Research Seminar gives young internists an upgrade in their abilities to participate in clinical research, and to facilitate the development of a network of young clinical researchers inside the EFIM.

Initiated in 2003, the Clinical Research Seminar has been held annually in Paris. Each year 14 - 15 young internists from across Europe have participated at the Seminar. The participants are selected by the Organising Committee. International speakers give talks and interactive teaching sessions during each Seminar over 3 days.

2. Internal medicine research in Switzerland


Under construction

This section aims to enable scientists in Switzerland who conduct research in internal medicine, to connect, exchange ideas and network.


3. EFIM internal medicine research

EFIM puts a lot of efforts to encourage and to facilitate research projects. Therefore, there is a special subunit of EFIM “Scientific Committee”, which is responsible and supports new paneuropean research projects. For further informations please visit the website. Some of the current projects are (see also:

  • Impact of long term-steroid treatment prescribed for systemic and autoimmune diseases on the development of atherosclerosis.
    A network organized by the European Federation of Internal Medicine

  • Risk Perception and Immunization Practices for Adults with Immunological Diseases.
    A Survey of the European Federation of Internal Medicine, 2003

  • Cortage: Treatment of necrotizing vasculitides for patients older than 65 years
    This is an on-going therapeutic European Multicentre study conducted by the French Vasculitis Study Group headed by Pr Loïc Guillevin. A 5-year study, commenced July 2005. We aim to achieve a total of 100 patients. Participation from throughout Europe is invited. For further details contact: Pr Loïc Guillevin, Internal Medicine Dept, Hôpital Cochin, Paris
    E-mail:, Tel: +33 1 58 41 14 61 

Some of the recent publications can be seen here:

4. European research of Young Internists

  • End of Life decisions among internists
  • Working conditions of internists – a satisfaction survey

Swiss Mentorship program

Swiss Mentorship program

Under construction




1. Facebook group

This is a page where you can share any information, ask questions or post any information concerning internal medicine trainee in Switzerland. Together with the new young internist internet site, the purpose of the facebook page is to connect the young internists in Switzerland. It is a platform to share ideas, documents, and to plan scientific and social activities. Don't hesitate to express yourselves in every language you choose.


2. SYI Day


Various initiatives have been successfully realized by or with the Swiss Young Internists, particularly in cooperation with SSGIM and EFIM Young Internists.

One of the most important highlights for Young Internists in Switzerland was the establishment of a Swiss Young Internists Day that takes place at the national Congress of the Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SSMIG).


We have been excited and eagerly anticipating this event, which was carried out thanks to a great support of the SSGIM. We are confident that the Day was and in the future will be an important educational tool for young internists, as a manifest point in the scientific program of the SSGIM Congress. 

We aim to concept the day to be intensive and instructive with stunning lectures, presentations and personal input. We hosted a variety of orators – chiefs of the internal medicine departments, residents and attendings in both general internal medicine and their subspecialties. To accommodate the attendants of all Swiss parts, the day is being held in English (however, it allows the audience to use their local language in the discussions).


3. EFIM Young Internists


The Young Internists is the trainee and young specialist group within EFIM. We aim to connect trainees and specialists in the first few years after accreditation, encourage networking and provide opportunities in career development and mobility. All young specialists and trainees who belong to an EFIM member society are members of the Young Internists group, and some are more actively involved by representing their country in the Assembly or the Subcommittee. 


The EFIM Young Internists group offers trainees the chance to meet like-minded people from other countries as well as providing access to events and scientific opportunities. Details on how to get involved are on our website at - or find us on our Facebook page! 


4. EFIM Congresses with Young Internists Days


EFIM has been successfully running International meetings since 1997 in conjunction with its member countries. These congresses bring together leaders in education and research from the world of Internal Medicine and provide an invaluable opportunity to shape the future of Internal Medicine. The EFIM meetings have been rebranded as the European Congress of Internal Medicine and are a proud flagship of the Federation.


Current congresses:

The  European  Federation  of  Internal  Medicine  has  the  pleasure  to invite you to the 15th European Congress of Internal Medicine to be held at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, from 2 - 3 September 2016. The congress will offer plenty of attractive opportunities for learning, sharing and networking in the field of internal medicine. This  will  be  a  great  opportunity  to  meet  internists  from  all  over  Europe  and beyond, and share the experience of internal medicine which is the cornerstone of every national health care system. 


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Beurs van Berlage, Damrak 243, 1012 ZJ Amsterdam, Netherlands



Past congresses:


5. EFIM Young Internists Day


EFIM YIs hold our Young Internist Day at the European Congress of Internal Medicine, and present a varied program including guest lectures, interactive clinical cases and an interactive pro-con debate. The YI Days aim to be more interactive and engaging than the main congress program and also offer trainees and young specialists the opportunity to present to an international audience. 


6. ESIM Summer and Winter Schools


7. Clinical Research Seminar


8. Davos 




9. Exchange Programme


The European Exchange Programme is going from strength to strength and is becoming very popular and competitive among the Young Internists community. The feedback from the residents is excellent and the participating Centers and Tutors are also enjoying the experience. As you may know, the Exchange Programme of EFIM aims to provide opportunities for Young Internists to gain knowledge and skills. This is a chance to become more confident and self-reliant in your professional life and to better understand the realities of others European countries. Each National Society can select 5 candidates per year for the Programme. There are only 20 scholarships of 600€ offered to the participants, courtesy of EFIM, FDIME and AMGEN Europe.

For applications the candidate must fill in online application and submit the requested documents below.


1)    Application form:

2)    Curriculum vitae

3)    Motivation letter for the Exchange

4)    Support letter from the National Society


10. myAIM


11. EFIM YI Assembly


The term ‘Young Internist’ refers to doctors in training in Internal Medicine and to doctors in the early years of their senior posts. Ideally those taking positions as sub-committee members and national representatives will be involved for a minimum of two years to ensure continuity within the organization.

The Assembly of Young Internists is composed of one representative from each EFIM member society. Each EFIM member society decides how to select their Young Internist representative, yet should preferably select a representative involved in Young Internist activities within the member country.

The Assembly meets in conjunction with the Administrative Council. The activities of the Assembly are co-ordinated by the Young Internists sub-committee reporting to the EFIM Executive Committee. The Young Internist representative from each member society attends EFIM Administrative Council as a non-voting observer.

Press Relaeses and reports

Supporters and friends

Supporters and friends




Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine


A part of a bigger network - collaboration with EFIM


Swiss Young Internists are closely collaborating with EFIM Young Internists (, the trainee organisation within the European Federation of Internal Medicine (EFIM EFIM YI is a group of young internal medicine doctors who join further young internists from all Europe to revitalize the internal medicine in Europe, define and improve the professional standards of our specialty and influence the administrative processes, as well as enforce paneuropean exchange, research and education. Swiss Society of General Internal Medicine (SGIM) has been supporting our activities from the onset of our foundation. In October 2013, Switzerland has officially become an Assembly Member of EFIM Young Internists group.


The Swiss Young Internists group continues to grow and now forms an essential part of the Swiss Society of Internal Medicine SSGIM. In the spirit of generality in our specialty, we collaborate closely with our friends from Young GPs of Switzerland (JHAs). Both groups of active young physicians share the vision of Internal Medicine with a stronger specialty identity.


Swiss Young Internists - Contact and How to get involved

Why should you join us?


If you are an internist before, during or up to 5 years after your training – join the network because

  • it is for free
  • you will be nationally and internationally connected
  • you will become a member of SSMIG for free
  • you will have the access to important news related to our training, job challenges and opportunities, research and many more
  • you will be able to apply to participate in ESIM Winter and Summer Schools, Clinical Research Seminars, Exchange Programm etc.
  • you will be up to date with information about European events, such as ESIM Summer and Winter Schools, local and international congresses (with reduced registration fees)
  • you can bring your own ideas and projects for future internists and our specialty
  • you can discuss work, training, research, specialty exam...whatever burns
  • you can engage or create international and/or multicentric research projects.
  • we don’t spam you with mails... 

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